Las Vegas Crime Statistics - The Safest Tourist Destination World-Wide

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Las Vegas is the Safest Tourist Destination City in the World!

The Greatest Asset to Las Vegas the Metropolitan Police Department (METRO)

The men and women of METRO - Las Vegas - America's most highly skilled Police Force!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and METRO statistics show that crime has been reduced over the past five years in Las Vegas, during a period of the area's largest growth, in fact the largest growth rate of any city in the United States. 

METRO also shows that the gangs are not overrunning the city by any stretch of the imagination. 
What's the point of all of this?  The sheriff has been known to say that the FBI does not give the proper numbers when reporting Las Vegas crime. One could believe that Metro might show figures that favor their crime prevention tactics and their efficiency.  Does that really make a difference.  Certainly!  In Las Vegas the Police Department is among the fairest and most honest police departments in the world.  Las Vegas is a world-class destination for tourists, business conventions and recreational fun, despite being one of the hottest tourist destinations on the planet Las Vegas boasts one of the safest cities in the United States and quite possibly on the planet.  The Las Vegas METRO Police Department is accredited with the safeness and security all Las Vegas residents and especially the tourists feel when they visit Las Vegas.  Despite the reputation the city has for being Sin City, essentially a huge Adult themed "sandbox" in the desert, Las Vegas is safer than many tourist destinations.

In fact, just how many police cars do you see when you visit Las Vegas?  Do you see many police walking up and down the "Strip"?  The answer is probably not.  Why?  Las Vegas has a unique crime prevention strategy.  Las Vegas goal is for you to have a good time when you visit and if you live in Las Vegas the goal is much the same for you to be free to enjoy your pursuit of peace, happiness and success.  


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Cash rewards
up to $2,000.00
If you have any information on the location of any fugitive, please call:  CRIME STOPPERS REWARD HOTLINE
or the C.A.T. Team at 702-385-1281. Warrants must be verified before arrest.

IMPORTANT: These fugitives should be considered dangerous and might possibly be armed. Never attempt to arrest or apprehend these subjects yourself.

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